Japanese Syntax for complete beginners

This is the most effective downloadable digital textbook (e-textbook) for learning basic grammatical rules for Japanese like never before!
1. You can see for yourself with a free trial before making a commitment.
2. Each course is approximately 20 minutes, so you can stay focused.
3. Each course has complete audio explanations spoken by a professional Japanese tutor.
4. Each course cost just $5 (or 500yen). It’s a very reasonable price.
5. Each course has fun Japanese style pictures to go with each sentence to help you fully understand.

I believe this is the most effective tool to learn the most important grammatical rules of Japanese syntax (sentence structures).
To understand the sentence structures is everything, and the most important part of learning Japanese.

Unfortunately, to just study some idiomatic phrases or basic expressions at the beginner level does not work, does not help you understand Japanese, and to be honest, is just tinkering around the edges.

At first, all you have to do is to understand the syntax of Japanese language.
However, strangely enough, there is no guideline to teach you about the structural rules of Japanese at all. No textbooks, no teachers, no language schools, no YouTube videos, and no teaching materials that explain about Japanese syntax so far.

I've been in this industry for nearly 15years, but I've never at all seen anyone who teaches the rules of the Japanese sentence structures...
Therefore, I decided that I needed to explain about Japanese syntax for everyone who wants to study the basic rules of Japanese. I think this is my mission.

Now you can get the free trial material.
That is Japanese Syntax for complete beginners: 1. For nouns and adjectives.
If you like it, please buy Japanese Syntax for complete beginners: 2. For verbs.

Please see for yourself!

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